How much is a mobile phone shell printer and how do I buy it?

by:Jolly     2021-12-15

As a commodity buyer, when buying a product, the price must be an important reference factor. Everyone wants to buy a product of high quality and low price at a low price.

In the UV printer industry, there were only a hundred companies and companies in the country a few years ago. With the development of society, more and more companies have squeezed into this industry, making the original orderly market changed. There is a mixture of fish and dragons, because in order to survive, companies do not strictly control the quality of UV printer products, which also makes the price of the machine vary.

As the saying goes: 'You get what you pay for.' You can't buy a good product at a low price. What's more, the performance of the equipment, the printing range, and the precision of each accessory are different.

So, I don’t know what business I want to do. I really can’t tell you how much equipment you want. If you only print smaller sizes or only customized mobile phone cases, just look at our company's small mobile phone case wholesale customization machine! Click here for product details:

If you want to buy a device like this, you can use the following as a reference:

Product understanding. Information is not as underdeveloped as it was 10 years ago. The development of the Internet has made prices basically transparent. When purchasing a mobile phone case wholesale universal printer, you can first understand the reputation of the brand and manufacturer on the Internet, and see if there are any negative reports from the customers who have purchased it. Investigate clearly. Related information to avoid being deceived.

Price budget. Buying any equipment will definitely have a psychologically expected price. After you have a clear understanding of what products you buy, you can contact some manufacturers or companies and ask the seller to give you a price you think is reasonable. Don’t be sold with various excuses to buy other products. equipment.

Field visits. After some understanding, I feel that the strength of the manufacturer and the performance in all aspects of the price meet my own requirements, and you can request on-site inspections to conduct a series of verifications on what the salesperson said. After all, a mobile phone shell printer is several thousand cheaper, a slightly more expensive price is tens of thousands, and more expensive industrial equipment may cost 10W+. The money is not blown by the wind, and the money for starting a business must be spent where it should be spent.

Sign the contract and confirm the rights and interests. After some inspections, both parties agree that they can sign an ordering machine contract, clearly confirming the rights and interests of both parties in the contract, so that there may be machine problems in the future. There are laws and evidence to check. After-sales maintenance is also a big guarantee.

The above points can be used as some of the necessary experience for buying a printer, or even consideration, so that you can buy in the decision-making process To the right product.

Of course, the above is only a general reference from the editor of Xiangyin. The actual process may be more complicated than this, and you need to be flexible. Here I wish you a good product with sincerity.

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