How to charge a Bluetooth headset

by:Jolly     2022-01-11
How to charge the Bluetooth headset How to charge the Bluetooth headset is actually very simple, but many people will not use it correctly, so the Bluetooth headset is damaged. Let me tell you now. First of all, choose a suitable charger. Because general Bluetooth headsets have dedicated chargers, if you don’t have a dedicated charger, you can directly find the charging interface (some with a round hole, some with a MiniUSB universal interface) and use the same charger with the same rated output power. Secondly, the charging time of the general Bluetooth headset should be kept within 2 hours, because too long charging time will directly cause the machine circuit board to age or even burn out, and various inexplicable machine failures, such as standby Shortened time, frequent disconnection, shortened call distance, unable to turn on and other issues. So, for the sake of your Bluetooth headsets, please give them a proper charging time. Then, plug in all the plugs when charging, don't just plug in more than half, as this will cause damage to the Bluetooth headset if it is used for a long time. Of course, when unplugging the charging plug, don't be so big or rude, but be gentle, otherwise pulling the plug like this for a long time will cause the plug to become loose. Then, when the Bluetooth headset is connected to the power supply and charging starts, the red indicator light on the Bluetooth headset will stay on, indicating that it is charging. If the charging is completed, the indicator light will turn blue, and the charger can be removed at this time. Also, when you want to charge the Bluetooth headset again, make sure that the previous battery is used up before refilling. In addition, if the Bluetooth headset is plugged into the base or charging box for charging, compared to charging the Bluetooth headset directly, the power after charging will be more durable in use. In addition, the charging method is the same as charging the Bluetooth headset directly. Align the charging cable with the hole of the base and insert it, and then turn on the power to charge normally. Finally, after the charger of the Bluetooth headset is charged, remember to unplug it from the power strip. If it is plugged into the power supply for a long time, it will directly and seriously affect the life of the charger. Finally, here is a warm reminder: While charging the Bluetooth headset, you must remember not to use the headset at the same time, so as not to cause various accidents. Do you understand how to charge the Bluetooth headset and how is the correct method?
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