IMD/IML technology mobile phone case lens

by:Jolly     2021-12-10

IMD/IML technology mobile phone case wholesale lens

IMD/IML products have the advantages of high definition, good three-dimensionality, scratch resistance on the surface, free to change the design pattern, enhance the beautiful appearance of the product, and reflect the advantages of perfect special-shaped structure. It is widely used in mobile phone lenses and casings. Wait for the appearance products that require 3D modeling. Solve the special-shaped effect and a variety of colors that can not be achieved by acrylic plates in the past.

IMD/IML technology: It is a new type of in-mold decoration technology that combines screen printing, molding and injection molding. When decorating products, in-mold decoration (IMD/IML) is the most effective and cost-saving Method, widely used in communication products (such as: mobile phone/PHS lenses, decorative parts, casings, etc.), household appliances (window panels, button panels, decorative panels, etc.), medical equipment (window lenses, casings, decorative parts, etc.) And car dashboard. Diversified applications have made in-mold decoration an ideal replacement for many traditional manufacturing processes: traditional decoration methods such as thermal transfer, surface direct printing, surface spraying, direct electroplating, and two-color injection molding. It is most suitable for 3D products, especially those that require consistent color patterns, backlights, and multiple colors to be reflected on various curved surfaces, arcs and inclined surfaces.

The advantages of IMD/IML products

⒈Scratch resistance, strong corrosion resistance and long service life.

⒉The three-dimensional feeling is good.

⒊Dust-proof, moisture-proof and anti-deformation ability is strong.

⒋The color can be changed arbitrarily, and the pattern can be changed at will.

Main features:

⒈From sheet printing and forming, mold design and production to injection molding, the entire manufacturing process is completed by the company;

⒉Reduce the research and development time greatly to ensure punctual supply;

⒊Flexible design, rapid product diversification at low cost;

⒋There is no need for panel sticking, and it does not contain any solvent type glue, which meets environmental protection requirements;

⒌The button can be raised during in-mold injection molding, and the button life can be hit 1 million times; to achieve high-precision decoration of the three-dimensional surface, the decorative pattern is built-in, and never wear (unless damaged); 6. Higher scratch resistance And light transmittance, easy to achieve permanent and clear display;

⒎Highly integrated, save follow-up assembly procedures, fast assembly, and improve the qualification rate;

⒏3D molding, so that complex components can also achieve high-level decoration;

⒐ To give the end user more beautiful, lighter, more solid, more choices and safer. Application fields: widely used in various products, such as household appliances, computers and peripheral products, mobile communication terminal products, automobile industry, etc.

Advantages of IML

⒈Product stability: make the product produce consistent and standardized correct color registration

⒉Product durability: through the protection of the specially treated COATING film, it can provide the product with better surface abrasion and chemical resistance properties

⒊3D complex shape design: the application of excellent stretchability of the film can smoothly achieve the required product complexity and external design requirements

⒋Diversified styles: special styles of metal plating or natural materials can be created according to customer needs

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