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4 hot-selling iPhone leather cases in 2016

by:Jolly     2022-01-06

In China, Apple users are increasing every year. Some netizens even claimed to 'sell kidneys' in exchange for Apple phones, which shows how popular Apple phones are. In order to put on a protective cover for the beloved Apple, various manufacturers have customized high-quality mobile phone leather cases, which are not only magnificent in appearance, but also slightly better in quality. The editor below shares 5 popular mobile phone holsters of Qilai Leather.

The first, multi-function flip phone holster: multi-stage support function, flexible and convenient. Ultra-thin clamshell design, comprehensive protection. And there is a portable mini sucker.

The second multi-color mobile phone case wholesale: black, fluorescent green, blue, brown, pink, white and other colors, with classic classic textures Features of fabric leather case: sunroof design, foldable support, clever rear buckle and small suction iron; precise hole position

The third simple and fashionable rear flip phone holster: stylish, Simple, strong and wear-resistant.

The fourth multi-function mobile phone leather case: special models, customizable.

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