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A mobile phone case that turns iPhone into a dual-screen phone in 6 seconds

by:Jolly     2021-12-09
   Speaking of dual-screen phones, do you think of the YotaPhone, a dual-screen smartphone presented by Russian President Vladimir Putin to Xi Da at the APEC conference in November last year. At that time, it became a hot spot, and domestic mobile phone manufacturers have also begun to launch their own dual-screen mobile phones. And now, one mobile phone case can turn your iPhone into a dual-screen phone in 6 seconds.  Experience the dual-screen iPhone  popSLATE e-ink phone case built-in a 4-foot ultra-thin, ultra-light, drop-resistant e-ink screen, similar to the technology used in Kindle e-books. With this phone case, iPhone 6 has an extra screen. The picture displayed on the electronic ink screen can be controlled through the supporting App. The picture can be changed at any time, just like a photo frame, where you can place your favorite photos. Intuitive display of shopping and to-do lists In addition to being used as a photo frame, the electronic ink screen can also be used to display and remind information, such as presenting a shopping list when shopping, and displaying a to-do list at work, and users don’t have to be frequent It’s so convenient to unlock the phone to see the information and display it directly on the back of the phone.  One week of battery life Passed MFI certification  Because the electronic ink screen is used, the picture can only be displayed in black and white, which is relatively power-saving. It has a built-in 240mAh battery, which can last about a week when fully charged with Micro-USB. The official website shows that the popSLATE electronic ink screen phone case has passed the MFI certification.  Responsibility to protect the phone case wholesale  Some people worry that the use of electronic ink screen will make the phone case more fragile and easy to be crushed, and it will not protect the phone. Don't worry about this, because popSLATE uses a plastic electronic ink screen, which is more flexible and has better resistance to damage. Many people have tested it and they can successfully protect the phone by throwing it on the ground from a few feet away.  More features will be added in the future  At present, PopSlate is not yet able to automatically display news, calendars, and notifications. However, the company promised to update the software in the future to realize the automatic display of message reminders and other new functions.  Open source API expansion application  A mobile phone case that makes the iPhone a dual-screen phone in 6 seconds. The official stated that the open source API interface is to hope that more developers can develop applications for popSLATE, because the product itself provides an API interface. For example, reading applications can be combined with popSLATE to display text content on the electronic ink screen, which can also be used to read novels.  Purchase items and methods  At present, the popSLATE electronic ink screen phone case only supports iPhone 6/6s, and the system requires iOS 9 and above. The official said there are plans to launch a 6 Plus version. If you want to experience a dual-screen iPhone, the popSLATE electronic ink screen phone case is a good choice. This product has a 4.9-star praise on Amazon. popSLATE is available in black and white, priced at US$129 [click to buy].  Crowdfunding success   popSLATE e-ink screen phone case for iPhone 5/5s was successfully crowdfunded on Indiegogo, and it was supported by 1,523 people. It raised US$219,417, exceeding its crowdfunding goal of US$150,000. However, the official no longer sells the popSLATE electronic ink screen phone case compatible with iPhone 5/5s. The popSLATE electronic ink screen phone case for iPhone 6/6s is available on the official website, and it will be shipped within 3 to 5 working days after the order is placed. Users in China will need to pay an additional US$20 international shipping fee.  Domestic ink screen phone case InkCase i6   After writing the popSLATE electronic ink screen phone case, someone and the editor said that there is actually a similar product in China, and its function is more powerful. So the editor will add a little bit here.  InkCase i6 is an electronic ink screen tailored specifically for iphone 6/6s. It is the second screen of a smart phone. Connect its equipped electronic ink screen with other phones via Bluetooth, and extend the phone's functions through apps. E-book reading, mobile phone back shell wallpaper setting, information board and other functions make life more convenient. Its three main functions are as follows:    remind important information in time, don’t miss important information  The information board application allows you to check the time, weather, phone battery level, calendar, agency events, stocks and other information at a glance. You can master all the information without turning on the phone, making life easier.  Wallpaper on the back, change your personality as you want.  The mobile phone back case wallpaper application in InkCase i6 allows users to easily change pictures and create photo frames on their phones. Users can directly take pictures and upload them, or edit local pictures and send them to the ink screen with one touch. When the phone is running out of power, only send screenshots of important information to the ink screen display, and turn off the main screen of the phone. In addition to greatly extending the phone use time, there is no need to worry about forgetting important information. And even if the phone is out of power, InkCase can always keep the last image.   Turns into a reader It is more convenient to read e-books. InkCase i6 pushes the content to the ink screen through the e-book reading application. The 480*800 resolution gives you a paper-like reading experience and turns into a super reader. Use the buttons on the phone case to turn pages and other operations. Moreover, the ink screen itself is clearly visible under strong light, so you can enjoy the reading experience under any light, and it is also comfortable to protect your eyes.
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