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A small uv printer that can be used easily without a computer

by:Jolly     2021-12-14

Xiangyin Technology has been engaged in the development and sales of small uv printers. Since the development of printing equipment, it has been adhering to the road of independent innovation and has successively developed a number of small uv printing equipment.

For example, the first small mobile phone case wholesale customized machine developed in 2015 is loved by consumers because of its small body and light weight. In 2017, it was developed on the basis of the first generation of products. XY06 equipment---mobile phone case customization equipment; the second-generation equipment has a wider range of products than the first-generation equipment.

The first-generation printer can only print mobile phone shell products, and personalize the mobile phone shell.

The second-generation printer can print more extensively, and it is no longer limited to mobile phone shells. Customized, you can customize other products such as wood panel paintings, Chinese knots, makeup mirrors and other small gifts, so that customers can customize more products, and the audience of the products is wider. For entrepreneurs who join the company, there can be more Consumer groups.

Because the second-generation equipment is more portable and has diversified printing products, especially the personal customization of mobile phone cases, it is very popular among street vendors. The investment is not large, and it is OK. Quick payback, plus the product itself is small and light, and the ability to make money is fast.

But the second-generation machine also has its shortcomings, that is, the products are still limited, and some personalized gifts can no longer meet people's needs; so the company spends another million in 2019 A huge amount of money has been developed for the third generation of uv printing equipment. Such small equipment can print more diverse products. Printing mobile phone cases is a small problem. Now glass, metal and wooden surfaces can be printed easily.

After development in 2019 and precipitation in 2020, the small uv printing equipment developed can already be separated from the computer and can also be easily printed. For many manufacturers, this is a Great breakthrough. If you want to buy small uv printing equipment, please come and have a look!

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