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Analysis on the advantages of tablet leather cases

by:Jolly     2022-01-18

Every friend who has a tablet computer has the habit of buying a tablet leather case! However, it is important to choose a good leather case. The tablet leather case produced by our company has the following advantages: 1. Environmental protection: All the hot-selling flat panel protective case Lenovo 7-inch tablet leather case raw materials and finished products meet ROHS and RECH standards. Let your products not be restricted by environmental protection and flow around the world with confidence; Second, the solution of leather goods solutions: Design according to requirements, develop various styles, and free proofing. 3. Quality assurance: The factory has passed ISO9001 quality certification and ISO14000 environmental certification; 4. Satisfying individual requirements: This model is a hot-selling flat-panel protective cover with environmental protection leather cover product material (raw material, texture, color can be customized according to requirements, to meet The needs of different consumer groups.) 5. Comprehensive and considerate protection: anti-drop, anti-skid, shock-proof, no matter from which angle you accidentally fall to the ground, our protective cover can protect the machine from damage; Dongguan Qilai Leather Products Co., Ltd. The company is an integration of processing, production, customization, and sales. It specializes in processing various brands of mobile phone leather cases, tablet computer leather cases, hot-pressed leather cases, e-book leather cases, PVC stabilized leather cases, reliable quality, novel styles, and Processing and production according to customer requirements, sales hotline 400-858-681

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