Analyze the dilemma of custom acrylic mobile phone case manufacturers

by:Jolly     2021-12-31

It has been nearly ten years since the development of mobile phone cases along with smart phones. In the development of these years, the mobile phone case, as the appearance protector of the smart phone, has also been continuously developed and innovated. From the initial mass production of mobile phone cases, it slowly evolved into the custom production of mobile phone cases nowadays. The advantage of customized production of mobile phone cases is that the products are tailored to the needs, unique and novel, and in line with the individual pursuit of the needs.

Of course, these advantages are obvious, but for mobile phone case manufacturers, the difficulty of mobile phone case customization lies in the high cost, and the large amount of normal mass production has brought certain production problems to mobile phone case manufacturers. First of all, the customization of mobile phone cases requires a proofing confirmation process. The single proofing takes a small part of the energy of the mobile phone case wholesale manufacturer. Secondly, the cost of proofing usually takes up a lot, but custom manufacturers of mobile phone cases rarely carefully calculate this piece of labor and material costs. Third, mobile phone case customization is relatively different for each production process and link. This aspect is not fully considered by many mobile phone case customization manufacturers.

After nearly seven years of customized production experience in mobile phone cases, Qilai Plastics has a great advantage in custom production of acrylic two-in-one mobile phone cases. First of all, the two-in-one product is suitable for various processes, such as electroplating, silk screen printing, laser engraving, water transfer printing, embossing, etc., which can realize various patterns on transparent acrylic, and protect the exquisite appearance of the pattern and its color. Since the patterns can be flexible and changeable, as the leader of customized mobile phone case manufacturers-Dongguan Qilai Plastics, specializes in customizing all kinds of acrylic two-in-one mobile phone cases for foreign traders, Taobao Tmall Jingdong and other channels, with a single style It can achieve 300 customized high-efficiency and flexible production. Has been unanimously recognized by the majority of new and old customers.

Find mobile phone case wholesale custom manufacturers, especially acrylic mobile phone case custom manufacturers, it is recommended to contact Dongguan Qilai Technology Co., Ltd. before making a decision. Seven years of mobile phone case wholesale manufacturers, only making acrylic two-in-one mobile phone cases, this is an attitude and a responsibility.

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