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Any suppliers selling mens cell phone wallet combo at ex-works price?
Dongguan Jolly Industries Limited offer several pricing, and EXW is comprised. If you choose an ex-works price, then you have to arrange transport all the way out of our warehouse into the closing destination. And you are responsible for export procedure.

Jolly has been active in the industry of wallet phone case since the day of its establishment. personalised phone covers produced by Jolly is very popular in the market. Jolly features its special design for phone case maker. The product protects the phone against dust and dirt. The product provides instant light and illumination. It brightens up immediately when powered on, which has great advantages for users who are in needs of lighting in case of an emergency. It allows users to answer the phone without opening.

We adhere to the business philosophy of quality and innovation for our branded . Inquire now!
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