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Apple mobile phone development history

by:Jolly     2022-01-11
Apple began to develop the iPhone. In 2004, Apple convened more than 1,000 internal employees to form a research and development iPhone team. It started a highly confidential project that was so different from the iPhone. It was named 'Project PurpleTeacher Jonathan Ive. At the time, Apple's CEO Steve Jobs deviated from the original focus on tablets, such as the iPad, to turn to mobile phones. Apple secretly cooperated with ATu0026T to create some hardware and software devices—the Cingular wireless network at the time—ATu0026T and gave Apple investment and a lot of freedom, spending about $150 million in 30 months. In exchange, Apple guarantees that within 4 years, the iPhone sold in the United States will be exclusively sold by ATu0026T. Apple Mobile Phone Cases On January 9, 2007, Jobs revealed the launch of the first-generation iPhone at the Apple Global Software Developers Annual Conference 2007 at the Masconi Convention and Exhibition Center in San Francisco. The two initial models are the 4GB version at $499 and the 8GB version at $599. They were officially launched in the United States at 6 pm on June 29, 2007, local time. Hundreds of Apple fans outside Apple’s sales stores across the United States rushed to buy them. Line up to buy. Due to the boom and enthusiastic sales response of the just-launched iPhone after it went on the market, some media hailed it as the 'God Phone'. The first-generation iPhone went on sale in the UK, France and Germany in November 2007, while Ireland and Austria went on sale in the spring of 2008. Apple first entered the mobile phone market in 2005, when Apple and Motorola launched an iTunes mobile phone-Motorola Rockr. Although in theory, this device integrates mobile and music, in fact, it has not aroused much interest from consumers. When Jobs released the iPhone in January 2007, all memories of Motorola Rockr were erased. Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google at the time, also went to help Jobs and jointly announced the first-generation iPhone. Google then proceeded to develop the Android system to counter the iPhone. Gradually, the relationship between the two companies began to become tense. The first-generation iPhone was equipped with a 2-megapixel rear camera, but it did not support 3G networks, copy and paste, and other important functions. Moreover, the battery that cannot be dismantled has also caused market controversy. At 18:00 on June 29, 2007, the iPhone 2G was launched in the United States. The price of the 4GB version (according to the situation of each country and region, you must sign a one to two-year call contract with the operator before you can buy the iPhone. It is 499 US dollars, 8GB is 599 US dollars. On September 5, 2007, Apple announced a price reduction. The 4GB version of Apple’s US online store was discontinued and 8GB was sold for $399. On September 6, 2007, Jobs published an open letter to all iPhone users on the company's website, apologizing for the price cut, and promised to compensate old users (providing a total of $100 in product discounts, etc.). On February 4, 2008, Apple launched the 16GB version of the iPhone for US$199.
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