[Apple phone case manufacturers] How much does it cost to customize silicone phone cases in batches

by:Jolly     2022-01-04

   How much does it cost to customize silicone mobile phone cases in batches? Anyone who knows may know that mold opening of customized silicone products requires mold costs, so the same is true for customized silicone mobile phone cases. The customization of silicone mobile phone cases has the same influence factors as the customized prices of other silicone products. In addition to mold costs, there are also raw material costs, labor costs, and production difficulties. Here is a brief introduction for everyone:

  1. Mold cost. The cost of the mold is related to the complexity of the mold. The more complex the mold, the higher the cost.

  2, the cost of raw materials. The common raw materials of silica gel used to make silicone mobile phone cases are mixed silica gel, high temperature resistant silica gel, liquid silica gel, food grade silica gel, fumed silica gel, etc. Different rubber materials have different prices.

  3, labor cost. The production of silicone mobile phone cases inevitably requires labor costs, including product processing time, daily output, water and electricity costs, equipment costs, etc.

  4. Difficulty in production. The more difficult it is to produce silicone mobile phone cases, the more expensive the customized price will naturally be.

   5. Are there any other requirements? Such as adding beautiful patterns to the phone case wholesale, or matching other accessories.

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