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by:Jolly     2021-12-24
1. Unlimited material: There are many kinds of materials for printing. The pvc board inkjet printer can be used in different industries, and the material is not limited, and it will not cause damage to the material, providing users with a very comprehensive service. 2. Humanization: In order to make users more convenient and better cater to market needs, the design is more humane and caring. The domestic mobile phone case wholesale printing machine has made great breakthroughs in two-way printing and varnish printing; it adopts a suction platform, which is easier to feed and can help the material positioning more accurately; 3. Good accessories, most of the flat printer manufacturers currently use parts abroad Imported with original packaging, especially the important parts such as sprinklers, are based on foreign technology. Therefore, although it is domestically produced, it is equal to or even better than the imported mobile phone case wholesale printing machine in terms of performance and functionality. 4. Simple operation: the operation of the mobile phone case wholesale printing machine is simple, eliminating the need for multiple steps of plate making, printing and repeated color registration, and the tools and materials are simplified, and printing can be done by one person, which saves both manpower and material resources. , The operation is simple, printing is desirable immediately, and the requirements for the operator are also very low, and simple software can be used for image processing.
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