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are onn phone cases good

by:Jolly     2023-06-27

Are Onn Phone Cases Good?

Phone cases are a necessary accessory that no smartphone owner should overlook. They not only protect your phone from damage but also add a personal touch to it. However, with so many phone cases brands in the market, choosing the right one can be an overwhelming task. In this article, we analyze Onn phone cases and determine if they are good enough to warrant a purchase.

Introduction To Onn Phone Cases

Onn is a private label brand of Walmart that offers a wide range of electronic accessories, including phone cases. To keep up with the latest phone models, Onn releases new cases regularly. As a result, you are likely to find Onn phone cases for most phone models, including iPhone, Samsung, and LG, among others.


One of the selling points of Onn phone cases is their affordability. Compared to other phone case wholesale brands, Onn cases are considerably cheap. You can find Onn phone cases from $5 to $15 at Walmart stores. This is excellent news if you are on a tight budget, as it allows you to protect your phone without breaking the bank.


Onn phone cases come in a range of designs, colors, and materials. Whether you prefer a sleek or rugged look, you will find a suitable Onn phone case. If you like to switch up your phone case regularly, Onn phone cases offer you a chance to do so without worrying about the cost.

Quality And Durability

The quality of Onn phone cases varies depending on the material used. For instance, Onn cases made of silicone or TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) are not as durable as those made of hard plastic or leather. However, for their price, Onn phone cases offer decent protection against scratches, impacts, and drops.

Hybrid protection

Onn phone cases have two significant protection features: hardback polycarbonate and flexible TPU. The polycarbonate back is sturdy enough to prevent external damages to your device, while the TPU layer provides inner protection that absorbs shock from falls and bumps. This combination ensures that your device is not only protected from dust, dirt, and scratches but also from potential drops.

Custom Fit

An essential aspect of phone cases is their fit. A poorly fitting case can damage your phone, but an appropriately fitting one enhances both protection and aesthetics. Onn phone cases are precise to the millimeter. The ports, buttons, and camera cutouts are accurately positioned to ensure a secure fit, allowing for easy access to all features.


In conclusion, Onn phone cases are worth considering despite their low price. They may not be as durable as other expensive phone case wholesale brands, but they offer excellent value for their price. Onn phone cases come in a variety of designs and offer sufficient protection against common damages. Additionally, their custom fit ensures that your device is protected from scratches, bumps, and impacts. If you're looking for an affordable phone case that will protect your device without breaking the bank, Onn phone cases are a good option to consider.

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