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Are the small UV printers on the market easy to use!

by:Jolly     2022-01-13

Is the small UV printer easy to use?

Friends who have never used small machines and equipment may have such questions before buying. This is a normal thing, after all, anyone has questions about a new thing.

Which small UV printing equipment compares with large-scale equipment, how effective is it, how good is it to use?

I have to say that large-scale equipment has the advantages of large-scale equipment, which is that large-scale printing equipment is more stable and has higher pattern fineness, which is not available in small-scale printing equipment. It is also incomparable, so we must be aware of the price difference between the two. Don't compare a device of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Is there no comparability?

What we have to realize is that the gap is that small UV printing equipment cannot replace large UV equipment, it can only be a supplement to it; however, small UV printing equipment can also play a role. The role that large-scale UV machines cannot play is that it can be produced in small batches. Although the quality of products does not meet the requirements of large-scale machines, some products that require personalized products have low quality requirements. Good way.

As for the use of small printing equipment, it depends on the industry and the products to be produced. For large-scale printing products, small machines are equivalent to them; however, large-scale UV machines are not suitable for them for personalized customization companies that want small batches, because the quantity is small. Sometimes even the cost of starting up can't be earned back, who wants to produce it for you. Only a small machine can maximize the cost reduction while also producing the products you want, which can do two things with one stone;

So, look! Since any equipment can be produced, it has its potential market. You can't say whether it's good or not, and you can't say that it's not easy to use, but it depends on whether it suits your product.

Suitable, of course easy to use; not suitable, let it have eggs.

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