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Are there wood and leather versions of the Apple MagSafe case? This is a third-party accessory

by:Jolly     2021-12-24

   [Mobile China News] Apple released the iPhone 12 series mobile phones at the press conference held last year, and also launched the MagSafe protective case, which is adapted to the three sizes of the four iPhone 12s, and has two types of silicone and transparent. Kind of material. However, some consumers may not like this material that much, and now you have a new choice. A third-party manufacturer called Pad u0026 Quill has launched a wooden and leather Magsafe iPhone 12 mobile phone case.

Woodline Edition mobile phone case wholesale

   According to reports, this third-party manufacturer’s Magsafe iPhone 12 mobile phone case wholesale has two options: wood and leather. Among them, the wooden Magsafe iPhone 12 mobile phone case is called Woodline Edition, which also contains magnets. The leather Magsafe iPhone 12 case is called Traveller LeatherSafe. These phone cases have the same functions as the official MagSafe case, but the material is different.

Traveller LeatherSafe mobile phone case

The brand   Padu0026Quill seems to like Apple brand products. Before this, it often launched protective cases and accessories suitable for iPad or iPhone. One characteristic of its products is that it often chooses wood or leather as the main raw material.

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