Can a small uv printer be embossed?

by:Jolly     2022-01-14

'Can your small UV printer print embossed effects?' In the past, customers always asked this question.

However, the company had not developed a UV printing device 18 years ago, and it was really powerless for the customer's requirements for embossing, because there was no machine!

In 2019, after the company independently developed UV printing equipment, such a problem is no longer a problem, but a simple one. Because the UV printing equipment produced is specifically to solve this problem, relief effect, small case!

The latest generation of A3 +UV printers can not only print embossed effects, but also add more printable materials. The previous article on this question: The materials and effects of small UV printers are explained, you can click on it!

To maximize the satisfaction of customers' needs for personalized customized products is the incomprehensible pursuit of Xiangyin. The company also hopes that more franchisees and agents can make money through the third-generation printing equipment.

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