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Can mobile phone holsters also protect against radiation?

by:Jolly     2021-12-26

We all know that smart phones are radiant, especially for pregnant women and children, the resistance is relatively weak, it is not recommended to use mobile phones for a long time. And currently on the market, some mobile phone leather cases use special materials to shield mobile phone radiation. So, how does the mobile phone holster protect against radiation?

According to the working principle of the radiation-proof mobile phone holster, if the material can completely shield the signal, in this (received In the case of communication/signal), the frontal radiation of the mobile phone to the human body can be completely shielded. If the mobile phone leather case is made of anti-radiation fabric on one side, the side close to the fabric can greatly reflect and reduce the radiation intensity. Interfering with the signal. There are already such mature products on the market.

In the process of mobile phone communication, there will be two kinds of electromagnetic waves, one is the signal transmitted between the base station and the mobile phone. As long as the mobile phone is used correctly, the harm caused by this electromagnetic wave to the human body is actually minimal.

u0026 This kind of electromagnetic wave is the closest to the human body, and it needs to be guarded against.

The emergence of smart phones has brought a lot of convenience to our lives, and the corresponding mobile phone cases are also designed for us to make better use of mobile phones. Mobile phones make many impossible things become reality, but the electromagnetic waves of mobile phones will invisibly cause some harm to our body. This is inevitable. Making mobile phone holsters that prevent electromagnetic wave radiation can reduce the electromagnetic waves of mobile phones. Human injury, this will undoubtedly become a major trend in the design of mobile phone holsters.

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