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Can mobile phone holsters be smart?

by:Jolly     2021-12-26

The rapid development of the mobile phone industry has also led to the development of other industries, such as mobile phone holsters. Mobile phone holster manufacturers have risen rapidly in recent years. However, under the pressure of competition from many custom-made manufacturers, the competition of mobile phone holsters is increasing. Therefore, the styles and functions of mobile phone holsters are increasing. And mobile phone holsters are slowly moving towards intelligence.

Recently, a smart phone holster that wakes up and locks the screen freely is popular. Open the holster, without having to manually press the unlock button, and directly unlock the lock automatically. A smart phone case wholesale that automatically closes after use. This kind of leather case is very popular among the public.

And what is the specific principle of intelligence? It is said that Hall elements and small magnets are installed inside. When shutting down, the power supply is directly controlled by generating magnetic field and current, and the degree of free switching is achieved. When it is turned on, the power is cut off, the Hall voltage disappears, and the original display mode is naturally restored.

From this free lock screen mobile phone holster, we can know that the phone holster has slowly opened the way to technological intelligence.

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