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Cleaning and care of mobile phone holster

by:Jolly     2022-01-07

For consumers who do not care about mobile phone holsters, better mobile phone holsters are very common. But they may not know that if the phone holster is well maintained, it can become more beautiful. How to care for and clean the mobile phone holster? 1. Pay attention to maintenance 1. Avoid damp or direct heating of the leather case (heating stove). 2. Avoid exposure to the sun or prolonged exposure to light. 3. Avoid any contact with alcohol (perfume, solvent, etc.) and oily substances (cosmetics, etc.). 4. Avoid contact with rough and corrosive substances. 5. Avoid friction on the metal part, otherwise the surface layer will fall off; clean it with a soft dry cloth. 6. Special attention should be paid to avoid staining the white or light-colored leather case. The stains on the light-colored leather case will be more difficult to clean. Second, how to clean

When cleaning the mobile phone holster, you should wipe it with a light-colored, non-abrasive, soft, dry cloth. If the leather case gets wet with water, do not dry it vigorously. Use a light-colored dry cloth to pat it lightly to absorb the water. If stained, lightly press it with a slightly damp soft cloth, then air dry, and then lightly apply transparent leather cream in a circular motion.

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