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Customized Environmental Silicone Phone Case

by:Jolly     2021-12-13

Qilai Silicone customizes environmentally friendly silicone mobile phone cases for customers, and the products can pass relevant environmental protection tests. The mobile phone cases produced for customers have a very high cost performance in the market, which is the result of the new technology 'multi-color integrated molding'. The new process can be produced according to the original drawing without simplifying the drawing files. It is currently the most influential silica gel coloring process.

All the mobile phone cases customized by Qilai Silicone for customers can pass the EU EU, US FDA, Australia AS and other environmental protection certifications for silicone products. It is a truly environmentally friendly silicone mobile phone case.

The mobile phone cases produced by Qilai Silicone using new technology for customers are different from the mobile phone cases on the market. The new process can achieve richer surface effects and more stable quality, and it can be used for a long time without fading and other undesirable phenomena. The new process also has a price advantage. Due to the simple operation and the mature process, the new process saves a lot of labor costs and consumables. The cost of the silicone phone case wholesale will be saved by about 15%, so it has a very high cost performance compared with the products on the market.

The 'multi-color integrated molding' process is specifically for multi-color silicone products, which can achieve the effect of unlimited colors, unsimplified patterns, and three-dimensional gradient colors.

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