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Customized printing embossing effect of mobile phone case is actually very simple!

by:Jolly     2021-12-16

As the number of smartphones continues to increase, the protection of mobile phone cases has also become a basic demand, and the resulting mobile phone case wholesale industry is also booming. However, many consumers are not satisfied with the case everywhere. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, it is difficult to meet people's psychological needs for such a cookie-cutter shell.

So, the personalized DIY handmade mobile phone case was once sought after by people. Because it is a handmade product, of course I like it and I prefer to wear it. However, many mobile phone cases add other objects to the original transparent phone case wholesale to increase the personalized needs of the product. Wearing on the original phone will affect the feel of holding the phone. Although it is attractive to some DIY enthusiasts, However, inconvenience in use has become a problem.

In order to better meet the needs of customers for personalized customization, a simpler and more efficient DIY customization machine for mobile phone cases has appeared. A machine like Xiangyin that can print patterns directly on the phone case and watch machine has appeared. This kind of device that prints directly on the pattern surface can give consumers a better user experience without affecting the normal use of mobile phones.

Therefore, printing patterns on the back of mobile phone shells is all the rage, and it is very popular among consumers. Among consumers’ favorite shell products, customized glass is used. Shells and customized embossed shells are the most sought after by users. I remember that there was a professional introduction to customized glass shells before, so I won’t explain them here. Click this link to see: Customized glass phone shells and embossed customized phone shells are not detailed Introduce, in fact, whether it is glass or embossed, it is printed by such a small UV. The new small UV printer of Xiangyin can easily print embossed mobile phone cases.

In fact, the embossing process of printing is to first pile up the most three-dimensional pattern with white ink on the surface of the phone case, and then print the colorful pattern with colored ink on the white background. , The combination of the two produces a mobile phone case wholesale with embossed effect. If you want to learn more about the operation process, you can contact us to introduce it for you in detail.

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