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Customized silicone mobile phone case, whether the silicone product factory has export bulk goods experience

by:Jolly     2021-12-12

In the last two articles, Qilai Silicone, a silicone product factory, respectively talked about the impact of 'production equipment and personnel' and 'production system' on the customization of silicone mobile phone cases. Then, Qilai Silicone will continue to share the importance of export experience of silicone products factory.

The strength of a silicone products factory can be referenced from export experience. Qilai Silicone has a large number of foreign trade orders every year, exporting to Spain, Portugal and the European Union and other countries. For customized silicone mobile phone cases, they are mainly based on Disney orders, most of which are exported to the United States.

Then the bulk cargo experience refers to orders with large quantities and on-time delivery. According to the normal operation of the silicone product factory, the delivery time cannot be completed. Like last year’s Disney mobile phone case wholesale order, the quantity is 100,000 and the delivery time is one month. Qilai Silicone opened one more set of molds at its own expense, and two sets of molds were started for production 24 hours a day, and more than 10 experienced and experienced old employees were urgently called from the main factory to assist in the production. Distribute the employees in the production workshop reasonably, maximize the production capacity in each process, and finally eliminate all difficulties to ship on time.

Silicone mobile phone case customization, find Qilai Silicone, a silicone product factory, to ensure your delivery and quality, and provide high-quality services.

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