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Customized text for couple phone cases, let’s see which one you prefer!

by:Jolly     2021-12-18

Many couples like to show affection, so they like to use mobile phone cases to customize their special ways to show affection, such as pattern text and so on.

Here is a collection of many beautiful and interesting couple mobile phone cases + text on the Internet. If you want to show your affection, come and take a look. PS. In fact, I have compiled a link address before: http://www.xyppt.com/news/121-cn.html

I don’t feel that there are enough, so I have organized some more. Look at the following Can the pattern or text enter your eyes!

If you don’t look back, you won’t have it for the rest of your life!

The rest of your life is very expensive, please don't waste it!

Women with husbands, husbands with women.

I have a boyfriend, more handsome than you; I have a girlfriend, more beautiful than you.

I want to drink milk tea, real pig milk tea.

Those who make money and spend money;

The little ancestors of your choice, crying, have to spoil themselves;< /p>

It's noon on the day of hoeing;

It started with love, and finally became white;

Excellent temper, grumpy temper;

Starting from first seeing, ending at the end of old age;

Old Cattle + Tender Grass

I only eat but not wash the dishes, I only wash the dishes and not eat;

Do you roll the sheets, roll!

I don’t want much, just love me for 60 seconds in one minute; I don’t love much, I only love you for 60 seconds in a minute;

Animal manager + small animals;

Big Devil + Little Fairy;

Continuous high cold + high show never retreat;

In addition to text, there are many cartoon, animation, and funny mobile phone shell patterns. In view of the length of the article, here Only list some more.

Actually, only you have the heart, in life Many of the patterns can be made into cute, funny and even fun couple shells.

If you want to be unique, you need to observe the small details in life more and record it, and then you can customize it on the mobile terminal of Enjoyyin Mall!

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