JOLLY- Professional phone case factory since 2010 

We provide ODM & OEM service

We have a very strong R&D team, provide OEM & ODM service; We are able to design new products or draw artworks based on the pictures from customers.


Our Italian designer has more than 10 years experiences in this industry, specialized in high level products design, using fashionable elements, high quality fabric, so that our phone case is not only fashionable but in high quality.

We’re professional

We have been in innovation and leading of leather industry for more than 10 years and only focus on manufacturing phone case subdivision field, which are pu and leather phone cases; We gained the admiration and trust from customers, we are able to design artworks, different packing materials, logo developing, various materials and craft designs; Our materials is environmentally friendly which can be passed by REACH, ROHS and CA65. Sticking to the policy of “Making a beautiful clothing for smartphones”.


If you love your phone, give her caring protection, our product not only protect beauty, but also creative beauty.

High quality standard, hope to meet your requirements

There are 20 professional workers as a team in the QA system who gets strictly trained; The flow of the quality controlling: QE/IQC (Quality Engineering / Incoming Quality Control) ---- IPQC (InPut Process Quality Control) ---- PQC (Process Quality Control) ----FQC (Final Quality Control)---- OQC (Outgoing Quality Control) Every process will be strictly inspected to assure the quality.


When we choose material, strictly follow ISO90001 standard and AATCC standard. (Such as: Temp & Humi testing, Tensile testing and Auto Color Crocking testing.


We’ll check and control at least 7 to 9 key processes when we making products. (Such as: material, cutting-parts, folding, card slots, hot pressing, sewing / revising / oil painting, assembling


We make 100% inspection for finished products, and we will also spot check according to the corresponding proportion before delivering shipment, to make sure there is not defect products.

We provide TTM

We provide TTM (TIME TO MARKET) and fastest market information to help customer to win the market in advance.


We have reliable cooperated sources, we’re good at TTM(time to market)phone case model, also can get the fastest information correctly; Our products are covering 95% smartphones in global market.

Standardized management of the production workshop

Standardized management of the production workshop, ensuring the quality and quantity of orders be finished smoothly.


(1) We provide 8S management and ISO9001 quality management system training for all staffs; The employees is with standardize working and We have clear SOP for each position; We pay attention to the management of each manufacturing link to ensure that every product can be delivered to customers without defects.


(2) The standardization of Production workshop and visual management; All materials and products with the regional classification and don’t touch the ground, to ensure that all products can be safely and correctly produced for our customers.


(3) We use ERP Management system for the data from input to output and all data is synchronized with the system, which is including the production capacity of more than 100 employees in the workshop; We will update the system every day to ensure that we can always control the progress and status of the orders, follow-up the delivery timely; We are doing business with more than 100 customers, and the monthly capacity is 300,000; We have never made mistake of wrong produced or delivery to customers.

Sticking to the police

Sticking to the police: help our partner to be success, win-win situation with our customers, sell our high quality products to all of the world.


Our company culture is to treat our clients truthfully, we’re responsible and stand on the customer perspective to think questions, help to solve hard issues, from designing to sampling, placing order, production, packaging, shipping ect all recorded by our ERP system.


We manage our clients by our ERP system as well, we provide one-stop service, hope to build long business relationship with you. Choose JOLLY, no worries, but pleased.

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