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Customized U disk-whether it is for personal use or as a gift, the effect is awesome!

by:Jolly     2022-01-14

Many years ago before the appearance of smart phones, USB flash drives became a must-have product for people to go out because it was not very convenient to store data.

U disk generally stores your company's files, your favorite movies, MP3 music, and even some application software, it is an indispensable good tool. However, with the development of technology, the storage industry has undergone earth-shaking changes, especially the increase in smartphone storage, allowing U disks to gradually talk about people's vision, from being indispensable to being dispensable.

The reduction in demand has led to the closure of many manufacturers in the USB flash drive industry. This is also an indisputable fact.

The reduction in demand is not without. Many manufacturers have turned from a single unchanged form of U disk sales to more diversified development, such as when U disk is used as a Gifts are packaged, the USB flash drive is sold as a business card, and the USB flash drive is even treated as an accessory product as an increase in sales.

Simple USB flash drives are not easy to sell, but through cross-border combination with other industries, USB flash drives are rejuvenated and vigorous.

In fact, today’s article is about this thing, simple, a single U disk no longer meets people’s needs for things. Products that are fresh, exciting, novel and eye-catching are definitely better than cookie-cutter products.

Printing all kinds of text on the U disk has become the favorite of many merchants or gift merchants. Because every product sold is equivalent to a free advertisement for the product, many gift companies also use this method to increase the visibility of their company.

And for this kind of mass-produced advertising USB flash drives are indeed very popular with businesses.

But for a user, seeing such an advertisement will inevitably be uncomfortable. This makes it more and more possible for a single-person personalized U disk.

'I don't care about the price, I just want to make one that I like' This is a customer voice.

Nowadays, U disk machines that are individually customized only for individuals have also appeared, so we have to mention the company’s third-generation small UV printer, because it can achieve customers Of this demand. What kind of pattern the customer wants can be realized by himself through this small machine, the main cost is not high, only a few cents can be printed.

If you sell these private customized USB flash drives as a business, you can also multiply the profits of any one of them. This is the power of technology!

Of course, such a small UV printer is not simply a USB flash drive, it can also be customized on the surface of the glass, customized on the surface of the clothes, customized on the metal surface... It is not an exaggeration to be a universal printer, you can find out if you are interested.

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