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D-jolly: Customization and Personalization of Phone Cases


Welcome to a deep dive into D-jolly – a legendary manufacturer of mobile phone cases. Here, explore the world of custom, personal phone cases, and learn about D-jolly's unique approach.


Overview of D-jolly as a Phone Case Manufacturer!

Brief History

Dongguan Jolly Industries Ltd., known for D-jolly, started in 2008. In the span of 15 years, the firm built a name in the field of 3C protection. With a focus on quality and innovation, the team designed phone case solutions. The head office is in Dongcheng, a space of nearly 9000 square meters.

Jolly’s core values are integrity, respect, and professionalism. Now, the brand works with many global tech and fashion giants.

Scope of Services

D-jolly offers a range of services including OEM and ODM. The brand ensures phone case uniqueness through a team of Italian designers. Materials for cases are diverse and innovative, from nylon to Teflon to leopard print. Customers are not limited to traditional PU and leather.

The team also works from design drawings provided by clients. The company boasts ISO9001:2000, ISO14001, ISO45001, GRS, MFI, BSCI, Vegan certifications.

Environmental protection is a key focus, using sustainable materials. Advanced ERP and CRM systems streamline the company’s internal operations, ensuring smooth service. The vision is becoming a renowned, high-end mobile phone case manufacturer, globally.


D-jolly's Approach to Customization!

· Design Flexibility

D-jolly is a leader in phone case customization. Their 15-year legacy lies in giving customers freedom in design. Offering a variety of templates, they invite users to tweak them or start from scratch. The R&D team aids in turning ideas into tangible, functional cases.

· Material Choices

D-jolly is known for their extensive material selection. Apart from traditional PU and leather, customers have more choices. They offer nylon, Teflon, mesh fabric, Lycra, lace, canvas, fluorescent material, and leopard print. Each material enhances durability while maintaining style.

· Multiple Finishes

Another important factor in D-jolly's customization process is the finish. The variety they offer is commendable. From matte to glossy, textured to smooth, their catalogue accommodates every preference. Each finish adds a unique touch, reflecting personal style and taste.

· Color Selection

With D-jolly, the color options are endless. Catering to a global market, they've created an extensive color palette. From soft pastels to bold primaries, there's something for everyone. Their color choices make every phone case unique and aesthetically appealing.

· Branding Options

D-jolly excels in personal branding options. They allow adding logos, images or text. This is perfect for businesses seeking to promote their brand or individuals aiming for a personal touch. Branding phone cases has never been easier, all thanks to D-jolly's expertise.


The Range of Personalization Options at D-jolly!

· Monogramming

Your D-jolly phone case can be distinct. With monogramming, letters or symbols mark your device. Unique designs, letters or symbols can be stamped. Visual appeal is enhanced. Enjoy individuality with a monogrammed case. The process is precision-driven. Skilled artisans execute the task. The final product is indeed a work of art.

· Custom Prints

D-jolly can imprint your case with a design. Think of a pattern, a scene, or a character. Your case can showcase your unique style. Talented designers work on the concept. Specialized printing machines do the job. A protective coat is applied later. Your case becomes a canvas of your personality.

· Laser Etching

D-jolly also offers laser etching. A high-precision laser carves your desired pattern. Any design or text can be etched. The laser cuts through the case surface. Laser etching provides a clean, permanent mark. The results are always detailed, creating a unique texture.

· Embossed Details

Embossing at D-jolly is a delight. Surface designs are raised for a 3D effect. Skilled workers handle the process. Leather and faux leather cases suit embossing. The raised design offers a tactile experience. The result is an eye-catching, unique case.

· Inlaid Materials

D-jolly presents inlaid materials. Gemstones, metal strips or wood can be set in the case. This process is intricate and requires skilled labor. The inlaid materials give a rich, luxurious feel. Craftsmen ensure the materials are fitted perfectly. Stand out with a case of such unique craftsmanship.


Reviewing the Quality of D-jolly Phone Cases!

· Durability Testing

Durability is a prime focus at Dongguan Jolly Industries Ltd. Every D-jolly phone case undergoes rigorous testing machines. This ensures maximum protection for your device. Shock resistance, scratch resistance, and wear testing form key parts of the process. These quality checks make sure your D-jolly case can withstand day-to-day use. Thus, the products are reliable, long-lasting, and tough.

· Material Grade

The team at Jolly industries chooses only high-grade materials. For D-jolly phone cases, material selection goes beyond traditional PU and leather. Also, nylon, Teflon, mesh fabric, Lycra, lace, canvas, fluorescent material, and leopard prints are available. Such a vast variety ensures customers find a case to match their unique style.

· Fit Precision

D-jolly phone cases provide a snug fit for your device. Precise cut-outs for buttons, ports, and cameras mean full functionality remains. The case aligns perfectly with every curve and edge of your phone. These high-precision designs prevent any gaps or loose areas. Hence, your device gets optimum coverage and protection.

· Functionality Check

Each D-jolly case is designed for functionality. Easy access to all phone features is crucial. Camera, speakers, charging ports, and buttons remain unobstructed. The cases are wireless charging compatible. Hence, no need to remove the case while charging. Their design offers not just protection but also convenience.

· Aesthetic Evaluation

Aesthetic appeal is paramount in D-jolly universal phone cases. The cases feature cutting-edge, unique designs. These cater to a wide range of tastes. From solid colors to textures and patterns, the choice is vast. Each design is a result of thoughtful ideation by Italian designers. Therefore, customers always find a D-jolly case that resonates with their style.


How D-jolly's Customization Services Compare to the Market?

· Competitive Pricing

D-jolly's customization and personalization of phone cases set them apart. Affordable cost, top-tier materials make them leaders. Optimal pricing, balancing premium quality and cost, leads the market. Hence, D-jolly continues to provide competitive, affordable phone case options.

· Unique Techniques

D-jolly masters a variety of techniques. Unique designs come from the use of Teflon, nylon, Lycra, and more. Indeed, customization goes beyond traditional materials, reaching new horizons in phone case manufacturing.

· Quality Assurance

D-jolly's commitment to quality is exceptional. With ISO9001:2000, ISO14001, ISO45001, GRS, MFI, BSCI, and Vegan certificates, the standard is high. Therefore, D-jolly phone cases always match the stringent international quality standards.

· Customer Service

Unparalleled customer service is a D-jolly hallmark. Advanced ERP and CRM systems streamline company operations. Thus, meeting customer needs swiftly and efficiently becomes a seamless task for D-jolly.

· Delivery Speed

D-jolly prides in swift delivery times. A 9000 square meter production area enables mass production and fast delivery. Consequently, customer satisfaction through speedy order fulfillment remains a D-jolly guarantee.

· Design Variety

Offering an array of design options is a D-jolly strength. Diverse materials such as lace, canvas, and leopard prints allow unique customization. Thus, D-jolly continuously introduces fresh, exciting designs to the phone case market.

· Innovation Focus

The drive for innovation is inherent in D-jolly. The research and development team, with its Italian designers, leads the market in product design. Indeed, D-jolly's focus on innovation sets them apart in the phone case industry.

· Market Reputation

D-jolly's reputation is sterling. Cooperation with international tech and luxury brands underscores their market standing. Consequently, D-jolly has earned a reputable market position in Europe, America, and Japan.


How to Order a Customized Phone Case from D-jolly?

· Website Navigation

Start by navigating the website. Look for the customization section. Click on "Design Your Case." Follow the steps. Make sure every detail gets attention. That's how to kick-start the D-jolly process.

· Design Submission

Next, submit the design. JPEG, PNG files are acceptable. High-resolution files give better results. D-jolly reviews each design to ensure perfection. Your design is key to a personalized phone case.

· Material Selection

Choose from a variety of materials. D-jolly offers options like nylon, Teflon, or mesh fabric. Also, consider lace, canvas, or leopard. The material selection influences the final look.

· Personalization Features

Pick the personalization features. Add initials, a name, or a symbol. Remember, these features make the case unique. D-jolly ensures all features match customer specifications.

· Preview Confirmation

Review the case preview. Confirm if it meets expectations. Double-check the design, material, and personalization features. Once confirmed, proceed to the next step.

· Order Placement

Now, place the order. Fill out the order form. Include your name, contact information, and shipping address. D-jolly processes each order promptly and professionally.

· Payment Process

Proceed to payment. Use secure online options. D-jolly accepts credit cards and online bank transfers. Ensure all payment details are correct before submission.

· Tracking Shipment

After payment, track the shipment. D-jolly provides a tracking number for each order. Use this number to check the order status.


After-Sale Services and Support at D-jolly!

· Return Policies

D-jolly has a clear return policy. If unsatisfied, return the product within 30 days. Ensure the product is unused and undamaged. Original packaging is a must.

· Warranty Coverage

Each product comes with a warranty. It covers defects in materials or workmanship. Remember, the warranty is valid for one year from the purchase date.

· Customer Support

D-jolly prides in exceptional customer support. Reach out for any inquiries or issues. The support team responds promptly and professionally.

· Replacement Procedures

In case of defects, initiate a replacement. Contact customer support for assistance. Provide the order number and describe the issue. D-jolly will guide through the process.


D-jolly's Impact on the Personalization Market!

· Industry Influence

D-jolly's impact on the phone case market remains impressive. With an experience spanning 15+ years, D-jolly has shaped phone protection trends. High-end materials like Teflon, mesh fabric, and Lycra define their product lineup.

· Trend Setting

In the bustling phone case market, D-jolly stands out. Through unique designs from Italian designers and a myriad of materials, D-jolly sets the pace. Also, D-jolly's dedication to using sustainable materials has pioneered a green trend in the industry.

· Consumer Satisfaction

D-jolly's reputation for excellent service resounds among consumers. Notably, their customer-oriented approach leads to high-end cases that meet specific client needs. Moreover, customer satisfaction rates are high, thanks to D-jolly's commitment to quality and variety.

· Technological Advancements

The use of advanced ERP and CRM systems at D-jolly sets a new industry standard. These tech advancements ensure smooth operations and effective customer interactions. The result is a top-quality product tailored to each customer.

· Market Share

D-jolly's impact is global, with Europe, America, and Japan as key markets. Through consistent, high-quality product delivery, the company has built a strong market presence.

· Innovation Contribution

D-jolly's strong R&D team launches new products every quarter. Their innovation contribution is undeniable, revolutionizing the phone case industry with fresh, stylish designs each time.

· Business Expansion

From a small start in 2008, D-jolly now covers nearly 9000 square meters in Dongcheng. Furthermore, their B2B marketing department in Hyde Square shows impressive business expansion.

· Competitive Edge

D-jolly holds an enviable position in the industry. The company's strength lies in its commitment to quality, service, and positive energy. With a variety of materials, a strong R&D team, and a serious commitment to sustainability, D-jolly stands tall in the competitive landscape.



Having explored D-jolly's journey and its impact on the personalization market, one thing is clear. D-jolly represents a benchmark in the phone case industry. Its commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction continues to shape the market. For unique, high-quality, and personal phone cases, look no further than D-jolly.

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