DIY customized machine that can print thermal mobile phone case

by:Jolly     2021-12-11

Thermal phone case is also called a color-changing phone case. The premise is that the pattern to be displayed on the phone case is printed on the phone case through a professional printing device. Generally, it appears brown on the phone case. The product encounters heat during use. The pattern will gradually become clear, and if the temperature drops, the pattern will gradually disappear.

Thermal phone case is a more popular and fashionable product. Imagine a black case, after experiencing hand contact, it gradually reveals your beloved one This is definitely a cool thing.

Compared with general personalized customized mobile phone case products, this kind of color-changing mobile phone case wholesale product can arouse the curiosity of customers and stimulate people's desire to buy. Improve the attractiveness of merchants’ products.

As you can see from the video, the thermal shell gradually shows the patterns created by the customer's DIY under the conduction of heat from the hand, which really gives people a refreshing feeling.

When I first saw such a mobile phone case wholesale, I was deeply attracted by it, and I wanted to own such a mobile phone case like a 'chameleon'.

The pattern displayed through the conduction of heat is like this, and the printed pattern is dark gray, which is not clear.

The device for printing the thermal shell is the following machine, which is small, light, and small.

The concentrate is the essence, don't underestimate it, it can print all kinds of small gifts. Like the hundreds of mobile phone cases introduced in the previous article, wood engravings, mobile power supplies, leather cases, keychains, etc., they can all be easily customized.

If you are interested in such a small personalized product, please contact us!

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