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Do you know the production process of mobile phone holsters?

by:Jolly     2022-01-09

Mobile phones are a necessity in people's lives. Now many people like to put leather cases on their mobile phones to avoid wear and tear and protect their phones. And some people have higher and higher requirements for mobile phone holsters, and some consumers even choose to customize particularly unique mobile phone holsters. Do you know the production process of mobile phone holsters?

1. The nature of the mobile phone holster mold: it cannot be cracked after being melted. After fusing, the burrs should not be too long. There is no extruding phenomenon in the fusion part.

2. The key point of the design of the mobile phone holster mold: the height setting of the closed mold. The upper and lower die body melts the gap setting. The slope of the knife edge of the upper mold body is set.

3. The evolution of mobile phone holster mold: copper mold fusion steel mold two-stage (spring type)

4. Mobile phone holster mold design process:

(1) The production equipment provides the 2D or 3D finished picture of the mobile phone holster design.

(2) Confirm the size of the mobile phone leather case drawing.

(3) Draw the mobile phone holster mold assembly drawing: set the closed mold height

(4) Draw the individual parts of the mobile phone holster mold.

(5) Mobile phone holster image format: (CAM program conversion)

Therefore, it can be made according to the actual samples or drawings of the mobile phone holster provided by consumers, and the size and shape are absolutely guaranteed. It's true. It can be customized freely to meet various needs.

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