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Do you need a cover for your mobile phone? Don't use some mobile phone cases

by:Jolly     2021-12-17

Mobile phones are becoming more and more useful in life, and the performance requirements of mobile phones are higher, and the price of mobile phones has become expensive. For the safety of mobile phones, some mobile phone manufacturers will provide official mobile phone cases for new mobile phones (this is safe and can be used with confidence).

But there are some 'beauty people' who often go to street stalls or Taobao, and buy them when they feel good, regardless of the quality.

Are these phone cases safe?

If you use a low-quality mobile phone case, what harm will it have, and what impact will it have on the phone and even the body? Xiangyin Technology will talk to you about the mobile phone case!

1: It may be harmful to the body

Not only young people, but most middle-aged people also like to give mobile phones Wear a mobile phone case and choose some good-looking ones with fancy pictures. But one thing they didn't expect was the quality of the phone case.

Low-priced, low-quality mobile phone cases often contain a carcinogen-'benzene'. When we call or charge by the pillow, the mobile phone will heat up , The plastic sleeve will emit this substance more or less, which is terrible to think about.

If you buy cheap online shopping or street stall goods, then you have to pay attention. When this kind of mobile phone case is sent, you will smell it. The pungent smell, because they are made of inferior plastic, and there are various patterns on the phone case, the paint smell will be very heavy, and long-term use will cause your body to be harmed. If you use this type of mobile phone case for a long time, the chance of getting cancer is greatly increased!

Some reporters once visited small vendors unannounced. The warehouse where they piled mobile phone cases didn’t even have a fly, mosquito, cockroach and other insects. The reason was that the harmful substances in the phone case made them Killed them all, holding such a phone case in your hand sounds terrifying.

2: Hazards to mobile phones

The average person thinks that the purpose of buying a mobile phone case is to protect the mobile phone. What protects the phone will hurt the phone?

A comparative experiment proved that a certain mobile phone can be used for 3 years with a mobile phone case wholesale motherboard that meets the specifications, while a non-standard mobile phone case motherboard can only be used at most 2 year.

In the process of using the mobile phone, when playing games, watching videos and other operations that require a lot of system resources, it will cause the mobile phone to heat up to varying degrees, and the thick mobile phone case It will make it difficult for the phone to dissipate heat, just like we put on a quilt in the summer.

The high temperature of the mobile phone will damage the motherboard and battery of our mobile phone, so it is also very important to choose the correct mobile phone case!

At the same time, in a more dangerous situation, wearing a thick and low-quality mobile phone case wholesale for charging, not only the mobile phone cannot dissipate heat, but also may cause the mobile phone to explode in severe cases.

3: How to choose a mobile phone case wholesale correctly?

Experts have found through the test of the mobile phone case that the brighter the color of the mobile phone case, the higher the content of heavy metals. A certain destructive effect.' Be careful of phone cases that are pungent and choking your eyes.

Xianyin Technology reminds: If you must choose a mobile phone case, you should choose a product from a regular manufacturer, with neat and smooth edges, toughness, delicate production, and odorless products.

Under normal circumstances, the toxic substances of mobile phone cases produced through formal quality inspection channels meet the human body standards, and the impact on the human body is minimal, or even negligible. If it is a small workshop, the composition of the main materials and additives is not guaranteed. In order to pursue economic benefits, it is very possible to use toxic substances to manufacture mobile phone cases!

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