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Do you want to stick the phone protective film?

by:Jolly     2021-12-29
The price of the mobile phone protective film will fluctuate depending on the type, quality, thickness, and mobile phone model of the film. Generally speaking, the higher the film hardness and the thinner the thickness, the more expensive it is. It is understood that the film on the flyover can generally be fixed at around 10 yuan, while the film at the mobile phone store is more expensive, which will be around 30-50 yuan. These are limited to ordinary PET films. Of course, different film shops will have different pricing. And some special-function films: imported film, anti-scratch film, anti-fingerprint film, and anti-radiation film. Due to the different functions, the price has a certain gap, ranging from tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars, and some even higher. Let's briefly introduce several common films.
High-definition film: Also known as high-transmittance film, it has very strong light transmission, but the touch screen operation is easier to be blocked, the hand feel is not good, and fingerprints and oil stains are obvious.
Frosted film: As the name suggests, the surface is matte texture, the touch screen feels very good to operate, and it is not easy to leave fingerprints, but the light transmittance is not ideal, and it is difficult to see the picture on the screen clearly in an outdoor bright light environment.
Diamond Film: This film is a girl’s favorite, and it is shining, but this film has very poor light transmittance, and it is basically impossible to see the screen in the sun.
Toughened film: Also called glass film, it has the closest touch to the screen. It has strong hardness and is not prone to scratches, but it is thicker and easily shattered.
At present, high-transmittance film and tempered glass film are the two most suitable films, but the first choice is tempered glass film. Although the thickness is thicker, the light transmittance is very high, and the display effect is not affected by the paste, and the hand is smooth The feeling is much better than other films.
In terms of the difficulty of filming, a series of PET films such as high-definition film are more difficult to stick than tempered film, and tempered film is the best to use, you must ensure that there is no dust on the screen before filmingu200bu200bRecommended reading: Silicone phone The difference between the case and other material mobile phone casesu200b
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