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does family dollar sell phone cases

by:Jolly     2023-07-09

Phone cases are an essential accessory for any smartphone owner. They not only protect the phone from damage but also add a touch of personal style to the device. For those on a budget, Family Dollar is a popular shopping destination for everyday essentials, including phone cases. Let's take a closer look at whether Family Dollar sells phone cases.

Selection of Phone Cases

Family Dollar stores offer a limited but diverse selection of phone cases for various phone models. You can find generic phone cases in different designs and colors. These cases are typically made of hard plastic and provide a basic level of protection.

If you're looking for something more specific, such as a phone case for Samsung or iPhone, you may have a harder time finding an option in-store. However, you may be able to order specific cases online or have them delivered to your nearest store.


In terms of quality, phone cases sold at Family Dollar are pretty basic. While they're durable enough to protect your phone from minor bumps, scratches, and dust, they may not be the best when it comes to drop protection or water-resistance. If you need a heavy-duty phone case wholesale, you may want to look elsewhere.


As previously mentioned, the phone case designs sold at Family Dollar are diverse. You can find basic ones that are solid colors, cute or sassy messages, or glittery patterns. The designs are mostly for decorative purposes, so you may need to look elsewhere for a case with extra features such as wallet or kickstand functionality.


The best thing about buying phone cases at Family Dollar is that they're affordable. While some phone cases at other stores may cost upwards of $50, those sold at Family Dollar are typically under $10. You can buy a few and switch them out to keep your phone looking new and fresh.


If you're unable to find a phone case that suits your needs at Family Dollar, there are other inexpensive retailers you can check out. Dollar General and Walmart are stores that sell affordable phone cases for most models, and they offer a more extensive selection.

Online retailers such as Amazon and eBay also offer a wide range of phone case wholesale options in different designs, qualities, and prices. However, you need to ensure that the cases you order are compatible with your phone model.


If you're on a tight budget and looking for a basic phone case for your device, Family Dollar is a reliable option. You can find many options for most phone models at affordable prices with various designs. However, for those who require more durable cases or ones with special features, you may need to look beyond Family Dollar.

As with any phone accessory, ensure you select a case that fits snugly and can protect your phone from damage. After all, smartphones do not come cheap, and a good phone case is an investment worth making.

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