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does lapgear lap desk have a laptop sleeve

by:Jolly     2023-07-17

Does LapGear Lap Desk Have a Laptop Sleeve?

As laptops have become more popular, so have lap desks. Lap desks provide a comfortable and sturdy surface to place your laptop on, making it easier to work from your couch or bed. One popular lap desk brand is LapGear, but does LapGear lap desk have a laptop sleeve? In this article, we'll explore the features of LapGear lap desks and answer this question.

What Is a Lap Desk?

Before we dive into LapGear lap desks specifically, let's discuss what a lap desk is. A lap desk is a portable desk that sits on top of your lap. It's typically used to hold a laptop, but it can also be used to write or draw. Lap desks come in various sizes and materials, from wooden ones with built-in drawers to inflatable ones that can be easily packed for travel.

Overview of LapGear Lap Desks

LapGear offers a variety of lap desks, but they all share some common features. For starters, they all have a surface that's intended to be comfortable for long periods of use. Some lap desks also have a built-in wrist rest for additional comfort. Most LapGear lap desks are designed to accommodate laptops up to 17 inches in size.

Another feature of LapGear lap desks is that they have a built-in handle, making them easy to carry around. This is especially convenient if you're someone who likes to work in different areas of your home, like in bed or on the couch.

LapGear lap desks are also designed to be stable on your lap. They typically have a padded bottom that conforms to your legs, so the desk won't wobble or slide around as you work.

Finally, LapGear lap desks are durable and easy to clean. They're made from materials like wood, plastic, and fabric, and most can be wiped down with a damp cloth.

Does LapGear Lap Desk Have a Laptop Sleeve?

Now, let's get back to our original question: does LapGear lap desk have a laptop sleeve? The answer is yesand no.

Some LapGear lap desks do indeed have a laptop sleeve, while others do not. The ones that do typically have a neoprene sleeve that's built into the desk, and it's designed to hold a laptop securely in place. This can be especially helpful if you're using your laptop on an uneven surface, or if you're working outside where there's a risk of your laptop sliding off your lap.

However, it's worth noting that not all LapGear lap desks have a laptop sleeve. Some models, like the LapGear Designer Lap Desk, do not have a sleeve. Instead, they have a flat surface that's designed to hold your laptop in place without the need for a sleeve.

If having a laptop sleeve is important to you, be sure to read the product description carefully before making your purchase. Look for lap desks that specifically mention having a built-in sleeve, and double-check the dimensions to make sure it will fit your laptop.

Other Features to Look For

In addition to a laptop sleeve (or lack thereof), there are a few other features that you might want to look for when shopping for a LapGear lap desk.

First, consider the size of the lap desk. If you have a larger laptop, you'll want to make sure that the desk can accommodate it comfortably. Look for lap desks with larger surface areas and higher weight capacities.

Another feature to consider is ventilation. If you plan on using your laptop on the lap desk for extended periods of time, you'll want to make sure it has adequate ventilation to prevent your laptop from overheating. Look for lap desks with built-in ventilation channels or mesh fabric that allows for airflow.

Finally, think about additional features like built-in storage or a built-in light. Some LapGear lap desks come with extra features like these, which can be helpful if you're using the desk for tasks other than just working on your laptop.


In conclusion, LapGear lap desks are a great option for anyone who needs a comfortable and sturdy surface to work on. While not all LapGear lap desks have a laptop sleeve, many do, and it's a helpful feature to look for if you want extra security for your laptop. Be sure to consider other features like size, ventilation, and additional features when shopping for a LapGear lap desk.

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