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by:Jolly     2022-01-02

If you want to find a high-quality mobile phone case wholesale manufacturer in Dongguan, choose Qilai Leather. We have been producing mobile phone cases for 11 years. We have our own production workshop, model room, and the ability to develop new products. Have advanced production equipment and skilled production workers.

We have made many styles of mobile phone cases, including brackets, voltages, cards, wallets, etc. At the same time, we will also customize them according to the pictures or samples provided by customers. Welcome Customers come to visit the factory and negotiate business!

Dongguan Qilai Leather Products Co., Ltd. is an integration of processing, production, customization and sales.

Specializing in the production of mobile phone holsters, tablet holsters, protective covers, e-book holsters, computer bags, EVA headset cases, learning machine holsters, VR eye masks, and protective covers for various electronic products, Medical bags, notebooks, business notebooks, universal manuals, instrumental boxes, musical instrument bags, tissue boxes, storage boxes, storage boxes, storage bags, wallets and wallets for men and women, with more than ten years of OEM production experience for major brands, It also has its own development and design team, which can provide overall product solutions and has its own brand of color image. For custom leather goods, look for Dongguan Qilai Leather Goods.

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Dongguan Jolly Industries Limited will need to find one that fits our needs and budgets, and still turns out a quality product.
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