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by:Jolly     2021-12-09
Nowadays, plastic products have higher and higher requirements for scale precision.
With the continuous improvement of the economic level, everyone's requirements for household appliances have gradually developed from its performance to its appearance. A beautiful electrical appliance placed in the kitchen can not only decorate the kitchen, but also delight people. Here are a few different appliance panels.
IML phone case
And this is inseparable from advanced production equipment. It is difficult for a clever woman to cook without rice. Even if the skilled personnel do not have good production tools, they cannot make high-quality products. Therefore, they need to go to the injection mold factory to produce them when visiting. The workshop makes an evaluation of all the production equipment
Injection mold manufacturers generally divide the production process of injection molds into five main stages, namely, production skills preparation stage, raw material preparation stage, parts processing stage, installation and commissioning stage, and trial appraisal stage.
3D messy shape design and diversified styles. Pictures, colors, fonts, and LOGO are screen-printed or screen-printed on a sheet of carrier surface, formed into a 3D shape, and can invent metal plating or special styles of natural raw materials according to customer needs. Some effects are beyond the reach of electroplating spray paint. The yield is high. High-pressure forming has only a lower mold and no upper mold.
IML phone case
Therefore, the quality of the injection mold and the accuracy of the mold play a decisive role in the qualification of the final plastic product.
IMD is an internationally popular exterior decoration skill. Because the picture is in the center of the sheet (the sheet is transparent) and TPU,
The product picture can be high-gloss or matte. When the product is in the hands of the customer, the maintenance film on the surface of the sheet is torn off, the product becomes clearer and feels better. Water sticker is a process of using a film to transfer the picture to the surface of the material. The specific method is to soak the water sticker in water for about 1 minute to separate the film and paper. The film is attached to the surface of the object with the ink layer. The film can be used. The toughness allows the ink layer to be attached to the material of the phone case wholesale, increasing the feel and gloss.
IML phone case wholesale

Therefore, there is no possibility of being scratched and rubbed off, and the color can be maintained for a long time without fading. The product pictures of the iml mobile phone case wholesale factory can be high-density or matte. When the product is in the hands of the customer, the maintenance film on the surface of the sheet is torn off, the product becomes clearer and feels better.

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