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Dongguan mobile phone holster manufacturers tell you a little secret to maintain the phone holster

by:Jolly     2022-01-02

Dongguan mobile phone holster manufacturer tells you a secret to maintaining mobile phone holster

With the development of the times, the types of mobile phone cases also follow the mobile phone brands and functions. In order to protect mobile phones, mobile phone cases have become the first choice for people, especially leather mobile phone cases, which not only have the function of protecting mobile phones, but also feel face-saving in front of friends, and exude a noble atmosphere in fashion and luxury. People who use leather products not only need to know how to buy, but also to protect the phone holster. Today, the Dongguan phone holster manufacturer tells you a secret to maintaining the phone holster:

1, don’t Any contact with corrosive substances and alcohol. 2. Do not rub against rough and hard objects, which will easily cause the epidermis to fall off.

3. Don't expose to the sun, as this can easily damage the leather.

4. Pay attention to moisture and high temperature.

5. When purchasing, try to choose a dark-colored mobile phone case wholesale. The light-colored ones are too easy to be seen if they are stained with dust and difficult to clean. If it gets stained, we dip a dry towel in water and wipe it gently. If it is oily, you can put some detergent to clean it, then dry it with a dry towel, and finally put it in the vent, let it dry naturally, do not put it in the sun or bake it.

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