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Double logo, double belief, Razer launches iPhone 13 case, up to 349 yuan

by:Jolly     2021-12-31

   [Mobile China News] On September 15, Apple launched the iPhone 13 series of mobile phones, and major manufacturers have not been idle, and have launched various accessories related to the iPhone 13 series. Razer is one of them.

   On the eve of the iPhone’s release, Razer launched the Razer Ice Armor Protective Shell and Razer Ice Armor Professional Edition for the iPhone 2021 series, priced at RMB 249 and RMB 349, respectively. Aiming at the feature that Apple’s mobile phone is prone to heat when playing games, the Razer Ice Armor Professional Edition uses Thermaphene heat dissipation technology to provide an additional heat dissipation channel, which can effectively conduct heat to the outside of the phone to avoid heat accumulation and achieve efficient heat dissipation, thereby reducing The phone is hot.

Razer Ice Armor Protective Shell

   For a protective case, protecting the mobile phone from injury is the most important requirement. This series of protective cases uses thermoplastic elastomer (TPE ) Reinforce the corners to prevent damage to the phone due to falling. The back also uses a soft-touch material with an antibacterial coating, which can effectively reduce the growth of bacteria and make the phone more hygienic to use. At the same time, because the iPhone 13 series supports wireless charging, in order to ensure that the user's experience is not reduced due to the case, the series of protective cases are also compatible with wireless charging pads, which can bring a seamless and smooth experience.

iPhone 13 series mobile phones

   The previous iPhone 12 series, Razer has also launched related mobile phone cases, this time the launch of the iPhone 13 series mobile phone cases can also be regarded as a regular iterative upgrade . However, some digital bloggers said that the iPhone 13 series is already heavy enough, plus such a mobile phone case wholesale properly rushed to the 'half catty machine'. So, if you get the iPhone 13 series phone, would you buy this phone case wholesale?

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