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Explanation of leather phone case

by:Jolly     2021-12-25

It is understood that almost everyone who has a mobile phone now uses a mobile phone protective cover. Whether it is the elderly, middle-aged, or young people, they have their own ingenious mobile phone cases and various styles of mobile phone holsters. The mobile phone case wholesale was very popular in the style of carrying on the waistband during 2000, and a large number of people are still using it. Nowadays, there are more and more mobile phone cases, and young people like the styles of mobile phone holsters. People’s aesthetics has improved with the increasing fancy. However, mobile phone cover manufacturers are also advancing with the times to meet the needs of the majority of users.

Many people don’t know what PU material is? Now let me introduce it to everyone.

PU is the abbreviation of polyurethane, and the Chinese name is polyurethane. Because it only needs simple modification and configuration, different density, elasticity, rigidity, etc. can be obtained.

The characteristics of PU material: very light, fireproof, waterproof, mothproof, mildewproof, anti-crack used as indoor and outdoor decorative materials. It is a new type of green decorative material. PU material is a non-toxic and harmless green material using synthetic fibers as raw materials. Therefore, PU materials are widely used.

There are many people who don’t know the authenticity of a leather case. In fact, there are several ways to identify a leather case for a mobile phone:

The first type: sight, smell and touch

The pores and patterns of the leather are relatively deep, and the nose smells leather if it is leather, and some are not leather will have this smell in order to fool customers, but the sense of touch is particularly important, if If it is smooth, soft, and elastic, it must be genuine leather. Even PU leather will have a taste. If you follow the above statement, it is basically genuine leather.

The second type: ignition and water absorption

It may be a very bad identification method, but it is particularly effective. When the leather is burned, there will be a burning smell , And leather is easy to absorb water, fake leather can not achieve this effect.

According to the above statement, if it is all right, the mobile phone waterproof protective cover must be made of genuine leather. If not, it may be PU leather. Please pay attention to it when you buy a mobile phone leather case to see if it is genuine leather or PU. leather.

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