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Frequently Asked Questions about iml and imd

by:Jolly     2022-01-10
Common problems and solutions in IML molding:
(1) The main reasons for the tricky ink being washed away (washed) during injection molding are as follows:
a. The ink does not dry well, there are residual solvents, and bubbles will also occur. The ink is dispersed during injection molding and the adhesion to the sheet is reduced, etc.
b. Silver ink takes longer to dry;
c. The influence of the thickness of the sheet, the area where the ink is washed out increases with the increase of the thickness of the sheet;
d. It is related to whether the planned structure, shape and distribution of the injection port are reasonable;
e. It is related to the temperature of the injection molding material. As the temperature of the injection molding resin increases, the area to be washed out decreases. The temperature setting is related to the type of plastic injection and the structure of the injection mold;
f. The ink layer is printed too thin;
g. The ink itself is not resistant to high temperatures;
h. The injection molding material is not dehumidified before injection molding, resulting in bubbles during injection molding;
i. The viscosity of the ink before screen printing is inappropriate, which leads to the problems of pinholes and poor leveling in the ink layer.
(2) Reasons for easy separation of sheets:
a. There are residual solvents in the ink;
b. Improper control of the temperature, pressure and cooling system of the injection molding machine;
c. In the silver ink, the pigment content is too high, or it does not match the injection molding process;
d. The bonding fastness between the ink itself and the substrate is not good;
e. There is no printed water-based adhesive;
f. The mirror ink is too close to the flange;
g. There is moisture in the injection plastic;

h. The adhesion of HTR ink is related to the temperature of the injection resin.

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