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General-purpose, special-purpose mobile phone holster, produced by leather goods factory

by:Jolly     2021-12-11
Under normal circumstances, whether general-purpose mobile phone holsters or special-purpose mobile phone holsters will be joined by two factories. Manufacturers of mobile phone shells and leather goods. Manufacturers of mobile phone cases refer to the custom production of silicone, pc, pvc and other materials. They are mobile phone cases, but they can be customized separately. What the leather goods factory is doing here is to protect the phone better: 1. The real phone 360-degree protection, whether it is a silicone case, a pc case or a pvc phone case wholesale, is just a unilateral four-corner and back protection. Here at the leather factory, the mobile phone case wholesale is made into a flip type, which protects the mobile phone from the front, back, left, and right. 2. In the form of protection, the top and bottom flaps, left and right flaps, pull-out styles and zipper styles are available for mobile phone holster customizers to choose from. 3. For the selection of functions, the leather goods factory can show you what you want and can achieve, such as inserting cards, wallets, and mirror frames. Qilai Leather Factory is different from a single manufacturer that protects mobile phones. It also starts from multiple drop angles and product protection, and customizes mobile phone holster products that meet the needs.
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