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Glass customized mobile phone case is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant and more sexy!

by:Jolly     2021-12-13

With the improvement of people's living standards, people have put forward higher and higher requirements for product quality. Driven by interests, businesses are doing everything possible to meet people's different needs.

Friends of the tempered film used know that the tempered film is very popular because of its silky feel. Nowadays, most of the mobile phone cases are made of PVC, which is not as good as glass in the hand feel. Glass mobile phone cases have also become the target that people are looking forward to.

Now the business has finally developed a professional glass phone case, which basically restores the bare-metal hand feel. Only from the appearance, it is really very Nice! It is also very skin-friendly to the touch. , Feels really good!

However, some users questioned whether the glass phone case wholesale can be dropped on the ground? Will it become scum after falling on the ground? In fact, I feel that this is a superfluous idea. You think that a business must have undergone many N drop tests before launching this product. It is impossible to be as fragile as everyone thinks.

The anti-drop performance of the specially processed glass phone case wholesale will definitely be greatly improved, plus the personalized customization, which effect is really lost! Is it a beautiful word?

Glass customized mobile phone case is multi-layered design. The combination of glass and TPU is an innovative structural design of the glass case, which increases the aesthetics without losing the skin-friendly feel of glass.

Add soft or hard frame design to minimize the impact of the ground.

The high-strength tempered glass on the back is non-slip, wear-resistant, and knife-cut does not produce scratches. Is such a textured mobile phone case cute?

The following is a glass phone case made by the professional equipment of Xiangyin Technology. See how the effect is. Will it make your eyes shine?

How about? Does it feel bright in front of you?

If you also want to have such a beautiful glass customized mobile phone case wholesale, why not come to the 'Online Mall' of Xiangyin Technology to customize one!

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