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Headphone holster can add a sense of balance

by:Jolly     2022-01-20
There are tiny pronunciation holes on the earplugs. When you put the earplugs in your ears or put them outside, it is likely that dust will enter the earplugs through these small holes. The diaphragm of the earplugs is very thin, only a few microns. A little dust will change the vibration of the diaphragm, which will affect the sound quality and even damage the earplugs. The earphone holster can block these external debris from entering the earplugs and protect the earplugs.
   Some headphones have insufficient bass. If you don't use the headphone holster, you feel that the treble is relatively high, the bass is a bit virtual, and there is a phenomenon of sound leakage. With the addition of the earphone sleeve, the bass becomes firmer, the sound leakage phenomenon disappears, and the high, middle and low frequencies appear more balanced.
   So if you don’t feel good enough about the bass of your headphones, don’t forget to put Dongguan earphone holsters on your headphones when listening to music. It can add a sense of balance to your love machine and bring you more Excellent bass performance. Dongguan earphone holster is a consumable item, it is easier to fall out if it is loose, you can buy a few more spares.
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