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[High-end mobile phone case customization] Aluminum alloy

by:Jolly     2022-01-19

u200bAluminum alloy shell is a variety of shells made of aluminum alloy. After the aluminum alloy surface is oxidized and colored, it has a beautiful appearance, high-grade, and good decoration; it is dirt-resistant, easy to clean and clean; it is easy to process and flexible. High, widely used in mobile phones, ipads, and computer cases in the electronic IT industry. Its advantages are:

(1) The appearance is generous, the color is beautiful;

(2) The feel is comfortable, fashionable and trendy, and the grade is high;

(3) Resistance Abrasion and durability;

(4) High strength, fast heat dissipation, good protection of components, and can be made ultra-thin;

(5) Aluminum alloy is light in weight, Good ductility, easy to form and process, which helps to ensure and improve the quality of processed products;

(6) Dirt-resistant and easy to clean.

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