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How about credentials for wallet type phone cases of Jolly?
Several national and international quality certificates have been obtained for wallet type phone cases , following years of development. We have a R&D team dedicated to its development. They make every effort to improve the technology and simplify the process. They offer support during the quality control and the quality certification. The workers are all well trained. An inter-check mechanism has been set up to make sure the product is manufactured in a standard way.

Dongguan Jolly Industries Limited wins big trust from customers for manufacturing wallet phone case with reliable quality. magnetic detachable phone case produced by Jolly is very popular in the market. Jolly values the quality and safety of material. Made of high quality PU, it is anti-scratch and anti-shock. The product has good sealing properties. It can effectively prevent foreign objects from entering in it, hence protecting the packaged items. Made of high quality PU, it is anti-scratch and anti-shock.

We always keep in mind technological innovations to achieve the long-term development of universal phone case. Inquire online!
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