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How can I contact Jolly?
There are many ways to contact Dongguan Jolly Industries Limited. This is the recommended way to contact our staff directly. On our official website, you can fully understand our main business, you can contact us via our email, WhatsApp, WeChat or by phone. At the bottom of the website, there is a form for you to fill out. Please leave a message and our staff will contact you as soon as possible.

Primarily producing a wide range of Airpods Case, Jolly is popular among customers. personalised phone covers produced by Jolly is very popular in the market. Jolly has always put great importance to quality stability of wallet phone case. Its humanized design makes users feel comfortable to grip. The product does not contain any filaments or glass elements which are very sensitive to blows and bumps. In this situation, users are free of harm when in use. The product has an advantage of heat dissipation.

Phone case maker will continue to innovate and improve. Ask!
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