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How long is the service life of the uv printer nozzle?

by:Jolly     2022-01-16

The print head---is the core of a UV printer. All the exquisite patterns are printed by the print head. The service life of the nozzle is related to the sustainability of the business.

So the life span of the print head is very important. Whether you are an industry veteran or a novice in the industry, you need to understand the knowledge of the print head to ensure the maximum service life of the print head. Only in this way can your business continue. Which aspect may affect the service life of the nozzle?

I personally feel that the following points will affect the life of the nozzle.

UV inks are corrosive, so the ink staying in the ink holes for a long time will of course have a certain impact more or less, after a long time of use , How much will affect the quality and quantity of the ink, the uneven ink printing will naturally not print the original effect.

Five: The machine's own problems

As a part of the entire printer, the print head is naturally affected by other components. For example, the A3UV printer of Xiangyin Technology considers that the ink will be affected by clogging the print head. It was ordered, so the machine was equipped with an ink anti-precipitation stirring system to try to prevent the ink from precipitating, so that the life of the nozzle can be maximized, and the life of the nozzle can be increased by more than 6 months after testing.

The above are the aspects that affect the life of the entire nozzle. If you want to increase the life of the nozzle, please pay attention to the above five issues, so that you can save more money and energy.

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