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How much do you know about hot-pressed holsters?

by:Jolly     2021-12-31

The hot-pressed leather case is different from the leather case on the mobile phone. Here, it mainly refers to the earphone case, which is made of leather and other materials. The hot-pressed process is adopted, that is, the closing part does not seem to have an obvious closing effect. Hot-pressed holsters are widely used in computer headsets, Internet cafe headsets, headsets and other products. Different grades of materials, different processes, and different prices. The size of each cushion-pressed leather case is usually different, and it is necessary to make a mold---voltage mold during processing. Advantages of protein earmuffs: 1. The durability of protein earmuffs is very good. Under normal use, it can be guaranteed for 2-5 years.

2. It has good air permeability, which can effectively reduce the sweat rate of the human body and give the skin a natural intimacy;

3. It contains protein nutrients that can promote the skin The beauty effect is warm in winter and cool in summer; 4. The stability is very good, and it is basically not affected by the external environment. This advantage has a great breakthrough in traditional leather; 5. The texture of the hot-pressed leather is soft, and its hardness exceeds Ordinary leather is replaced; the heat-pressed leather case enhances the bass effect: don't look at it inconspicuously, but the effect cannot be ignored. The lack of bass of some headphones is one of its shortcomings. If you don’t use ear cotton, you feel that the treble is relatively high, the bass is a bit virtual, and there is a phenomenon of sound leakage. With the addition of ear cotton, the bass becomes very solid, the sound leakage phenomenon is gone, and the high, middle and low frequencies appear more balanced. So if you don’t feel good about the bass of the headphones, don’t forget to put ear pads on your earbuds when listening to music. It can add a sense of balance to your love machine and bring you better bass performance. . The hot-pressed holster earplugs have small sound holes. If the earphones are exposed for a long time, it is likely that dust will enter the earplugs through these small holes. Since the diaphragm of the earplugs is as thin as a few microns, a little dust will be enough. It will change the vibration of the diaphragm, which will affect the sound quality and even cause the damage of the earplugs. The cyclic earphone sleeve can block these external debris from entering the earplugs, effectively prolonging the life of the earplugs. When customizing hot-pressed leather cases, please determine in advance the size, quantity, material, craftsmanship and other issues of the products you need. Different processes are suitable for different situations. Ranxigu Technology Co., Ltd. provides you with all kinds of hot-pressed holsters, earmuffs, and sheaths.

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