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How much does the UV printer cost to print a mobile phone case?

by:Jolly     2021-12-22

UV printers are currently the mainstream products in the inkjet printing market. They can basically print any flat material on the market, so they are deeply loved by entrepreneurs and stores.

But everyone who wants to buy a mobile phone case wholesale UV printer will ask a question, which is the approximate cost of printing a similar mobile phone case. Here I will calculate it with the destined customers I have seen. If you are making customized mobile phone case products, what is your approximate cost.

Let’s calculate the phone case first. A phone case is wholesaled from the factory (assuming it is a transparent case). Its cost is about 1 yuan, in order to improve the production. The ink adsorption degree needs to be sprayed with a layer of coating on the case before making a customized mobile phone case, and it is calculated by using a set of 240 yuan for a complete set of ink from Xiangyin Company. It is calculated by the actual operation of the company’s technical staff (including the handling of equipment failures). Waste), you can print about 1200 shells. How can we calculate 240 yuan/1200 pieces u003d 0.2 yuan/piece, which means that the cost of consumables for a customized shell product is only the ordinary transparent shell plus the cost of the printing product, which is basically around 2-3 yuan ( Different materials and different prices).

Of course, the process of starting a business is of course not only the cost of the product, but also a series of costs such as site, rent, and personnel, but the cost of consumables should be explained. It has reached the lowest level. Of course, the purpose of this article is to tell you the cost of printing a mobile phone case with a UV printer. I believe that after reading it, you have already understood.

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