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How much is a small uv mobile phone shell printer?

by:Jolly     2021-12-18

In real life, personalized products are becoming more and more popular. Different product visual experience can always show off in front of family and friends and satisfy one's vanity.

In fact, it's not just yourself. Everyone has this mentality and is eager to win the attention of others.

As a merchant engaged in personalized customization, the company has seen too many such partners, and they all hope that they have a mobile phone case product that is different from their friends. , Reflect one's own personality.

Therefore, more and more merchants have discovered this problem, and they want to join the company's personalized customized equipment. Many people are optimistic about this industry.

Which friends who don’t know much about the customization industry will definitely ask if there is any prospect for mobile phone case customization? How much does it cost to make a shell? How much profit? The company’s mobile phone shell printer is more expensive and a series of problems.

Here is the most concerned issue of the business, which is how much does a small UV personalized mobile phone case wholesale printer cost?

Take the XY06 mobile phone shell printer that the company has been selling as an example (if you don’t understand this device, click me to see the details), the basic price of a device is 13,800 yuan, as a franchise merchant, you only You need to pay 13800 to start your own small business, because the first product join will have certain preferential policies, which means that the company may give a popular mobile phone case wholesale product consumables to help you quickly start your own small business in the early stage.

Furthermore, the company's latest research and development of the third generation of printing equipment-a new generation of A3UV printer (click to view the device details) has better performance than the second generation, of course, the price will definitely be higher for the second generation equipment. .

Of course, for this kind of small UV printers, there are still many manufacturers that produce them, just search on Ali, and I do see many, many, of course, the price is not the same. It’s big, and some are quite cheap. If a product is too cheap, you’ll have to be more mindful.

For the price of small UV printing, it is a little different from the prices of various manufacturers, but the problem is not too big, the most important thing is the product printed out The effect and the life of the product. If a product is very cheap and can be broken after a few days, how do you do this business? Therefore, the stability of the business machine is the most important.

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