How much is a small UV printer?

by:Jolly     2022-01-13

With the development of science and technology, small UV printers have gradually developed from the previous refitting machines to the road of independent research and development by powerful enterprises.

Supporting companies or enterprises to invest in Ru0026D and updating equipment must have seen the market prospects and huge market of UV printers.

Of course, having funds and markets is one aspect, and the innovation and transformation of science and technology is also an important factor. It is precisely because of the development of technology that it is possible that various new equipment can be developed.

The small UV printing market has been around for a long time, and many companies on the market are selling it. Judging from the transaction volume on Taobao and Ali, it is relatively hot.

From the perspective of the size of the device, the size varies. Some can be called medium-sized, but still called small-sized, and some are indeed the size of an A4 printer, and they are indeed small-sized or MINI version. There is money, but most of them are 10,000 to 50,000.

Taobao has more transactions than Ali, but the price is relatively low, but it is the price of the deposit; but the overall pricing is still basically The points within 1-5W are more;

As for other e-commerce platforms, they will no longer be posted, because basically these two platforms can determine the approximate range of the price of small UV printers.

As for why some companies sell for 1W, and some for 5W, there must be detailed reasons for this, and they must be asked when they buy.

Speaking of other small UV printing equipment on the network, by the way, let’s talk about our company’s small UV printing equipment!

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