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How should uv flatbed printer manufacturers understand?

by:Jolly     2022-01-16

I want to buy a UV printer suitable for my own business or business, but I really don’t know how to choose?

I don’t know how to judge the quality of a piece of equipment when encountering the endless product introductions by the sales staff of the manufacturer?

UV printers have a wide variety of printing products. I don't know which one to choose is the best?

Have you ever had this or similar problem when buying printing equipment?

Manufacturer's credit

Honesty and trustworthiness are the basic criteria for the survival of the company, and it is also the basic factor for the long-term development of the company. If the inspected manufacturer has information about business abnormalities, legal proceedings, quality supervision and inspection, and administrative penalties, the more these issues, the more cautious they must be treated.

Site inspection

'It's so shallow on paper, I absolutely know that this matter must be done by myself.' When investigating anything, seeing is believing. Don't let others say anything. Have your own opinion or unique analysis as the core of your factory inspection.

The on-site inspection mainly inspects whether the manufacturer or company is as true as the 'official' said, and inspects the company's personnel, number, company atmosphere, technical support, etc. by the way. I remember that a few days ago I wrote a similar article about how to inspect a company: How to buy a UV printer. If you are interested, click on it.

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